Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cards for Troops

In celebration of Americas birthday, I have decided that I would put a box together for the Troops. There are quite a few organizations that gather cards for the troops, send them overseas (to loads of places) for all service members to have at their disposal. Its a great cause and honestly what does it hurt. I know that simple is better then the weight of the card is light enough - postage wouldn't be an issue. So ... I started some card making... and the purpose of them is for the troops... all kinds, holidays included. I just couldn't wrap my arms around Christmas in July, but I will soon.

Thank you to all the service members (present and past) that have made this country what it is today... bless you!
You wish to donate to the cause as well- here are two sites that I am familiar with -
Hope your Fourth was spectacular!

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Martie said...

Thank you for all you are doing to support our troops! The need and appreciate our support - they are protecting our freedom and our liberty. Martie Shea, President and Founder, From Our Hearts