Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweet Stems - Punched

I love when I need to relax alittle and head to my craft cave, and though I need this "me" time, my 12 yo needs "mom" time. Well not really "mom time" in which I thought it meant spending time with me, it was actually vent time.. "Mom, can you please listen to this.. "or "Why would they did do that?"..... or my favorite "I wish she would stop calling me..." For the first part of the conversation, I give her the full body attention she wants... then as the story goes on and on, I slowly start putting my thoughts to paper in which she will say "Oh you can do that while I talk"... which ultimately means she will critic my work, while she chats about what friends are doing, or teachers, or whatever is on her mind... this is her version of "me time with mom"... and her brother cannot comment since we are in the cave and he is elsewhere in the house battling with soldiers to win another war type game on the Xbox (or am I to say 360? I never say it right. ha ha) We have this pattern down, where she even knows when I am looking for scissors, adhesive, ribbon, and merely gets up and walks around to get them for me, and I remain seated... but if I mutter ONE WORD... ONE SIGH... ONE LOOK .... the conversation is over. Good thing some of the 'talks' are etched in my brain so if I am quizzed later, I remember, only the highlighted I have learned.

Just when you thought you couldn' can multi task with a babbling 12 yo girl, that is my last thought for you today!

So todays card... Sweet stems... I do not have this stamp set (which is now retired) but at some point, I stamped a bunch of the flowers off, and kept them for later. I didn't actually use the Stamp set, I made a set of the flowers from the SU! 5 petal punch. I am pleased with the turn out. Check it out!

I incorporated the Card Positioning System Challenge 155.

CS: Celery, Pomegranate, White, Kraft
SU! Textured BS plates - dots on White, and swirls on Pomegranate
Half pearls, dimensionals, Stem from 2 step bird punch


Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

ouh Chera
This is super duper adorable
I love what you have done here
and colours are just so sweet
GREAT work

Holly @ InkPaperStamps said...

Look at how sweet this is--I love it!