Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Rose Pin

This pin was a part of my mom's Birthday gift. I just had the chance to see her on Saturday - therefore, that is why it wasn't posted sooner -- not that I even think she visits here, but you never know when the mood may strike. I took other pictures, however, the camera went missing - and I think it was found in a certain 13 yo's room - but I didn't go chase it down- so once I do, you will get the card that I made to be with this.

Rose felt pin via mobile phone picture:

NOTE: Edited to add picture NOT via cell phone

This was clipped on the bag that had a eReader LED Light on it. She's into that electronic book stuff.. though I love to read, I cannot get past the pages I TURN, and the smell of the paper/ink/binding, etc.. but if it happens for me - I am sure I will quickly forget what it was like to carry a weekend bag around as a purse when I travelled with my books in {{WINK WINK}}.

For now, though please enjoy the pin- it was easy to make. I did a little sewing - as much as sewing a button on.. it was easy and I hope she liked it. The center is actually eggplant, but really looks black. Oh well.

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great day!!

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