Monday, February 14, 2011



I made little Valentines last night for the family, friends of the teens.  I managed to just stick to prepackaged treats! I cannot recall making simple  3 x 3 cards... as simple as what that is.. I just haven't.

I had to use Concord Crush - because I just LOVE the deep rich color it is.. I love to pair it with Cherry Cobbler as well!

I added some pretty flowers inside .. though secretly I knew I was keeping this one for me!

I used some scraps at the table/desk that I could - and tried to embellish them all I could.. but my biggest challenge was this GOLD WRAPPER.. I couldn't really HIDE it and really I am not much of a GOLD person - so it was difficult!

Last, this was a notecard for the teens - to share, to tell them we were having a lobster boil tonight - and when they each read it - they told me they were hoping for strawberry pancakes.... REALLY? Pancakes instead of Lobster tail/ mussels/scallops, little corn on the cobs, and baby red potatoes... HECK look at the cost savings... so I guess I will just get my seafood meal another time.. plus after a my strength training this evening, I am sure pancakes will sound really yummy!


On a personal note:

I have a confession to make - this was a lot of fun!  I mean A LOT! ... you didn't let me proscrastinate with making sure that everyday was a new idea!  Heck I did so much baking (some you didn't see - since it wasn't 'pretty enought' for packaging - {wink winkn}}) It was great to hear from people that otherwise may stay in the woodwork! Your generosity has been such a delight to my day... days in the corporate world would bring me down and I had a all new high when I would visit my blog and see your comments!     Thank you for visiting me! Thank you for letting me to share my love of papercrafts. Thank you for following me! Its been great!

Thank you for making my Valentinesn a great one!

Hug the ones you love! {you don't need a silly holiday for that}.

Have a great day!


Jenn said...

Chera Cupid- Happy Valentine's Day! (and my birthday) Very creative as always. Thank YOU for the kick start and inspiring me on some new projects. I am totally new to stamping/papercrafting and stumbled onto your blog by accident (but glad I did!) and now look forward to all your cute creations! Keep em coming, you have fans in Texas! - Jennifer

meonlake said...

Chera Cupid - Thanks for all the inspiration! Now you've started a trend, so keep blogging. I like a nice card, but would really prefer just chocolate for Valentine's Day! Hope you have a nice 'corporate' day with minimal stress.
Happy Valentine's Day from Louisiana,
Marsha E
cmc_marsha at bellsouth dot net

Patrice H said...

I love your ideas. These are very cleaver. I had fun following your 14 days and getting so many great ideas from you. Thanks!
I love getting flowers but I used to work in a flower shop and I know the markup is like 100% so I ask my honey to buy them before or after Valentines