Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 6 ...Well OWL be, your another year older???

I cannot tell you how much fun this was to put together. The bright colors....the cheery looking owls.. it was definately a highlight... shouldn't everything be that way?  I wanted bright and fun.. I think I succeeded!  I really love the textures, the prints and the colors!  Afterall, if you are turning another year older, might as well have fun with it... right?

I was lucky enough to have most of these things already punched out and squirreled away .. so you can say I made this from "scraps".. I have had something of the like in my head for a while.. this is what happens when you are unable to bake for a while. ... your creative mojo moves into other directions.

The little treat box, I saw HERE... and I knew at some  point in time I would want to make it.  What I failed to so was actually print this on my cardstock, so I had to replicate it as a true stencil template and make the best of it...sometimes I am so difficult.. urgh!!!

Isn't it just adorable together? I have to find a nifty little note for the inside- since I have numerous birthdays this first week of March, this has certainly helped get the juices moving... since no two can be alike... on the offhand chance they may compare .. Right?


How did you make that little holder? click HERE

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meonlake said...

What a cute birthday set! Love those fancy owls! Thanks for sharing the info on the treat box.

Basement Stamper said...

Great creations and you are right, those are some fun colors!