Friday, March 11, 2011

Whatcha expect... a pot of gold?

Well YEAH! That is what I am looking for! 

OK, so here is your pot of gold.. Ferrara Rocha's... that is as close to gold as you are going to get with me! LOL

Simple little basket holds three FR chocolates.   OK, maybe the third is stuffed in there... but it still matters!

This is as simple as the basket gets. The "gray" in the instructions below is your "band", the 3 blue strips are your 'basket belly' - and this was my short version of how to make it. I do believe you can search on Splicoaststampers  for this as well, incase my diagram isn't doing it for you! You do overlap the strips, and that forms the basket. I hope this helps!

Have a great Friday!
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Anonymous said...

cute little basket - just the size for Easter! Thanks for sharing.
Marsha E