Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its the great pumpkin....

I am a gardener. I pride myself in all the fruits of my labor... and when I do not have good crop, it breaks me down.. its alot like parenting! ... only I get to eat the end results.. {thats just bizarre}... anyways.. I digress... I have been planting pumpkins for about three years.  Its been a joy! I can have my own great pumpkin - right in my own yard.  {insert Charlie Brown theme here}.

This year however, we have had so much rain over the growing season, that NOT ONE of my jack-o-lanterns  survived. NOT ONE!!! I have these really cute little pumpkins that we will eat {making dishes like Stuffed Pumpkin, or THIS }}.. mouth is watering now.. yes, I guess I am a foodie!   I am sure if I had this difficulty, then so did many other farmers.

So in the meantime, I get to have pumpkins via paper, but my search for the great pumpkin is on... I will attend a few fall festivals in the next few weeks to see what I get to carve this year...

I used the Stocking punch for the leaves, go ahead -look at the punch -  you will see it.. I know you will. Used my Oval punches for the pumpkins and my great attempt in the look of a old barn.  I used cardstock in the colors of Soft Suede, Pumpkin Pie, More Mustard, Red Riding Hood, Cajun Craze.

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Unknown said...

We had right the opposite problem with our pumpkins--DROUGHT! Ugh!

Basement Stamper said...

I'm sorry your pumpkins don't work out this year...bummer! I don't have a green thumb at all so I'm envious. very cute card!