Monday, February 6, 2012

Can you find me, Cupid?

I love to add just a tad bit more 'fun' in the normal work day. It has its limits, I still try to be 'creative'... since I think I am good at it.  Over Christmas, I make elves and hid them all over the office.  They ladies love it. The men shake their heads, but join in the fun.  At the end of the holiday, I make treats and bring in everyone wins!

Today, its Cupids..

Of course I couldn't do this without Ellen Kempers original design - I manipulated mine with some of other punches available. They were fun and easy, so I made 8 of them.

So my hiding places are in the copier/ mail room, near the water cooler, coffee break room, ladies restroom, near doorways, and some offices -near the stapler or tape - its never the same - and just because you saw them their once doesn't mean they will be back there again in the afternoon... now does it...

Work time fun... someone has to do it!

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Hug the ones you love!

Have a great day!

List of Punches: scallopped circle, butterfly, snowflake, word window,
heart to heart, small oval
I used glitter paper for their wings


Basement Stamper said...

OMG, you are so funny!! I bet your co-workers think you are a hoot :-)

Carol said...

Love your Cupids!!! How did you do the feet? Thanks.