Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you for using more Designer Paper...

As you know, one of my 'issues' is not using enough designer paper. So I had a few Thank you cards that I was to make and of course wanted to use the jumbo eyelets that I have been eying up for some time.... so I came up with this.

The inside has designer paper on it- which I did compose my thank you message on, but it was light enough. The only trick I had was using a pen that would write on it.. but I blame the pen and not the paper (wink wink) since I am sure they are old and I need new ones (wink wink)

I know its been a while since I have posted. I have limited days left until my sweetie deploys - so I have been spenting every moment I can with him... HE EVEN WENT GROCERY SHOPPING WITH ME... so I guess it is L-O-V-E.. ha ha. Its my first true deployment and not military school - so its different for me, however, with all the stuff on my 'honey do' list, I will be kept busy for the most part of the year plus hes gone. I do believe hardily he will return before we know it and life will continue as is.

God Bless all the soldiers/sailors for their hard work and giving us our freedom.


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Rene said...

God bless you and your sweetie!! Thank you!
Love the card too!