Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11... Chera Cupid makes cute paperbag purses

I just have to say.. Chera Cupid didn't bake! I know you might be saddened by this - so take a moment... once you compose yourself, let me know.. I will be here.... are you with  me?   You see - my corporate FT job took a huge toll on me yesterday, and while I wont get into details, I attended a yoga class. It was more for calming me down, finding my center than for the athletic ability.. since twice I fell down - with tears in my eyes...  but I digress..   NO PITY PARTY for me I got home from the class, made dinner, finished up a few things, missed Grey's Anatomy (will catch OnDemand or Hulu) and headed to bed to be able to start Friday as a new day!

So here is today- another Friday in February, and to celebrate HEART  HEALTHY MONTH (not just Valentines Day-month)  I have TWO red paperbag purses for you. These bags will actually be filled wih homemade popcorn... one caramel with nuts, one caramel without nuts but with chocolate drizzle!   BUT FOR TODAY.. They are stuffed with Snickers, Reese's Hearts and Kisses... yummy...
Aren't they just the cutest?


 Here is the side of the bag - proves that its really a paperbag!

Paperbag Purse as seen HERE . Becky Roberts is great!! ...   Can you believe this is the first time in 2 years that I have been holding on to this tutorial that I used it? Amazed I know!!!  Pushed off the dust and decided IT WAS TIME!

Again, do not forget, leave me a comment- and your name will be entered into a drawing for Blog Candy! Yes, calorie free candy!  

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Shore Girl said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Definitely saving this idea in my inspiration file for future use!! Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

Chera Cupid-
Another great job - looks a little too hard for me (I'm a newbie) but ONE day I'll be able to make those. Keep it up you crafty diva!! -Jennifer

Basement Stamper said...

This is super sweet! Very cute. Hope you are having a better Friday, I know how that corporate job can's been one of those weeks here too.

Sandi said...

Great idea for the bags, love the DSP!! I am so very glad that I stopped by your blog "after" I had dinner because you always have something awesome to eat (or in other words, something I am not suppose to have)!
Sandi Dailey

Stephanie S. said...

These are so cute! I just found your blog today (from Stampin' Connection) and you have so many great projects posted here! Definitely bookmarking you. :)

Anonymous said...

Love all your projects! You are very talented.


Patrice H said...

These purses are so darn cute. I love how you decorated them and filled them with CHOCOLATE!!! Yummy!
I sure hope you have a great weekend and you do something nice for yourself!

Patrice H said...

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Thanks for offering the great blog candy

meonlake said...

Chera Cupid - those paper bag purses are just the thing I need to make for my gals. They will be impressed! I'll have to wait to buy candy on the way - so they get a little! I agree Becky Roberts is ubber-talented. Thanks for sharing.
Marsha E
cmc_marsha at bellsouth dot net