Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 I am going to really date myself .. but this weekend was a concert in the local area with not ONE but TWO bands that were HUGE when I was teen! Not that I was a HUGE FAN, but I did however crush on them alittle. More so now as an adult, as they mature with me. I recently was just reminded of their ages and looking at them I go... REALLY? They ARE my age! (or close to my age anyway)..

Oh my....  I had to laugh because the ages to these shows were from 8-80, all types of people and from all kinds of places.  Of course, it helped that they performed on the SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH!


So where was I going with all this... ???  I guess I have hit the era where all the friends are having babies. And those that may have had babies when I did, some are having them again...  OH MY !!!! 



I decided that the phase of Baby onesie was something I never did last year, and so I finally made one.. but turned it into a favor for a baby shower. They are easy to make and with the few free hand directions I had written down, I was able to make a collection of them in no time.  Yes, of course there is a template out there in Google, but I do not do well with templates, since I cannot seem to cut on the lines!


So off woth my measurements, and scissors I went. When I got to the final touches, I had to remember a few things... onesies have snaps on the bottom and usually trim about the neck.

I loved the DSP I used. So that you can see the different patterns as you look at them.  I filled them with different goodies, however did have to use the larger/taller bags so they would sit better.


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StinkerbellSteph said...

Oh my gosh, these are adorable!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

Sweet! Love the idea of favors!!!

Karin B said...

So...who are the bands?