Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all

We are approaching the fall festival season, which means for me MORE time around the campfire.. who doesn't love that?  I am a big fan. I love the smell of  campfires. I love the gathering of people and the commradery that occurs. Lucky for me, we have a lot of them here, so I do not have far to travel.

A favorite campfire treat that everyone enjoys is S'mores. Who doesn't love alittle gooey chocolate and sugary treat? I will admit, I am not into the marshmallows  unless they are roasted. However most of the time I 'd rather a roasted Fig Newton. {{OH yeah}}

I put these little goodies bags together for the kids - BIG AND SMALL, and everyone loves it. Plus, what doens't get ate, can be saved for another time. Than I do not have stale marshamallows and mushy graham crackers from being open for a while...

sadly that is how the brain works in this house..
More importantly during  the fall fests, we do drink some wine with friends. Nothing like getting your class mixed up with the others at a party and slugging down some dry nasty wine...

So a few years ago, I decided that glass tags were going with me, when we left for such events. They are easy to make.
I use a ponytail holder (hair band) and attach my fun name tag to them. I can use it on beer bottles as well.
Its the small things that make a festival successful and fun.
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Hug the ones you love!
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Basement Stamper said...

these are all beautiful and I can only imagine your campfire with stemware ;-)

Ida said...

What fun treat bags. I love S'Mores too (googy goodness).
Okay now what on earth is a roasted fig newton?

butterfly said...

What a great idea, and I love your little gift bags...
Alison x

Lisa Somerville said...

Fabulous Fall themed creations - love the smores treats! Thanks for playing along with the Bloggers Challenge!