Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7...Wine and Chocolate -- OH MY

I didn't think I met a more perfect wine, until I was introduced to DESSERT WINE... CHERRY .. THEN RASPBERRY .. OH MY GOSH!!! Whats the best part of the dessert wine? YOU ARE TO DRINK IT WHILE EATING CHOCOLATE!!!!!  OK, I am sold, I left the winery with 2 bottles of dessert wine, and a few of the others.. no more convincing needed on my end... I was sold! 

It makes the perfect little gift! Alittle dessert wine, some kisses ... yummy yummy! The next best thing would be if it all was calorie free!...

my Tag was edited since it wasn't all SU!

The wine listed below is from BLACK STAR FARMS, they are located in/or just outside of Traverse City, Michigan. Though I will not receive commissions {{darn!}} or anything special from them, I really just enjoy their wine... since I have been there three times, its safe to say I might know what I am talking about. ... {{wink wink}}.

It was extremely difficult to photograph these darn bottles... the test tube as well.  Sorry for the glare. 

Tomorrow will be more HOMEMADE GOODIES... in the meantime... sit back, relax, sip some wine and enjoy some chocolate!!!


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Basement Stamper said...

yummy, dessert wines! They are rich and you only need a little shot glass of them ;-)

meonlake said...

Wine & chocolate -- how did you know my favorite things???? Now I must 'dress up' my wine when taking it to a party! Thanks for sharing.
Marsha E

Donna said...

Perfect pairing! And what could be better than a gorgeous package to put the mood in romance! Very pretty!

A Touch of SOL said...

LOVE WINE! I didnt know they had dessert wine...Might have to look into that! I never even thought to put hershey kisses in these tubes...TFS!

Sandi said...

LOL, I love all your work Chera; but, I have to say the wine and chocolate cannot be beat. Now this is something I "can" have (in moderation of course). I love how you decorate everything for the party. I'm having one in about an hour and I wish I would have thought of this.
Sandi Dailey

Erin said...

I love project the most. If I leave the wine bottle alone for a while I could actually decorate it! LOL